Students in the Digital Youth Lab take a wide variety of courses, both in the iSchool and in other departments across UW. Below is a (non-comprehensive) selection of courses related to the focus areas of our lab.

Courses in the iSchool

  • INFO 102: Gender & Information Technology
  • LIS 516: Youth Development and Information Behaviour in a Digital Age;
  • LIS 564: Multicultural Resources for Youth;
  • LIS 565: Resources for Digital Age Children; LIS 566: Resources for Digital Age Teens;
  • LIS 567: Libraries as Learning Labs for Digital Youth;
  • LIS 568: Information Literacy in a Digital Age;
  • LIS 585: Administration of the School Library Media Program
  • LIS 598: Participatory Design and Libraries
  • INFX 598: Special Topics in Digital Media and Community Development:
  • INFX 598: Special Topics in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: An Introduction

Courses across UW

  • COMM 303 Social Effects of Technology and Social Media
  • EDC&I 482 Educational Technology in Schooling
  • EDC&I 485 Workshop in Instructional Improvement: Educational Communication and Technology
  • EDC&I 488 Educational Technology and Learning in Alternative Settings
  • EDC&I 511 Current Issues in Technology and Education
  • EDC&I 512 Survey of Educational Technology Research
  • EDC&I 550 Educational Technology Research
  • EDC&I 580 Technology in Context
  • EDC&I 585 Technology and the Culture of Education
  • ECFS 412 Learning with Digital Media in Early Childhood
  • EDPSY 405 Adolescents and Media: Challenges in the 21st Century Classroom
  • GWSS 241 Hip Hop and Indie Rock
  • GWSS 398 Race, Gender and Sexuality in The Media
  • HCDE 548 Design Research & Children
  • HCDE 496/596: User Centered Design Charrette for Outreach